About us

Teachers and trainers of TAAL Den Hartog & Zevenbergen are highly educated and qualified teachers Dutch as a Second Language, English (native speakers) and communication skills.

In 2016 the team consists of:

  • Anja Kriek
  • David Koopman
  • Heleen van den Bergh
  • Inez Brandsma
  • Jeanine Korrelboom
  • Marijke Daggenvoorde
  • Mariska van der Linden
  • Sabine van Delft
  • Vera van Popta
  • Yvonne Zevenbergen

TAAL Den Hartog & Zevenbergen was established in 1985 by Jannine den Hartog en Yvonne Zevenbergen, both Masters in Dutch Language and Literature (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and registered as Dutch as a Second Language teacher at Beroepsvereniging NT2. Both combined ther work for voor TAAL Den Hartog & Zevenbergen with projects and part time jobs at Universiteit van Amsterdam, Cito, ITV Hogeschool voor tolken en vertalen, de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and ROC van Amsterdam. Yvonne is, since 2011 part time teacher Dutch (communication skills) at Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

In 2013, Jannine became ill, suddenly, and died. She remains in our hearts as an expert and excellent teacher and a fine colleague, a reliable business partner and a wonderful person.
Yvonne is continuing TAAL Den Hartog & Zevenbergen, with help of a growing team of excellent colleagues.

How do we work?

After first contact and, if necessary intake, we make a lesson proposal and assign a teacher. Lessons can begin after your confirmation.

TAAL Den Hartog & Zevenbergen is Member of the Comittee of Independent Language Trainers. Commissie van onafhankelijke taaltrainers. [hier link naar klachtenreglement].